Kosio and Zora "Tulip"

Bendida "Goddess Of The Moon"

BoyanZhelyazkov "Songs From The Soul"

Tochka BG "Fountain in the Rain"

Djankobrat "Blues Hop Mayday"

If necessary, "Sunrise"

By plane "Better Days"

Viktor Makarov & custom project "rugs"

The A.X.E Project "Stories From A Lost Realm",Part II

F.A.C.E. " A New Light"

By plane "Home" /EP/

Fragments Of Existance "Fragments Of Existance"

Tochka BG "August"

Electric Dragon "And Robin"

Crashbrake "Hail To The Anonymous"

Savage Ravage "Yellow freaks"

Demenzia "Machinima"

Vokyl "Аз Търся Човек"

Tochka BG "Aquarelle"

Rampart "A Tale To Cold"

Splendor and Misery "Irrational Excavations"

Rampart "conspiracy"

Hellrider "F*ck You, We Play Metal"

Snow Line: Film and Soundtrack

farthing "thirsty horses", single

Nightmere "Dead World"

Demenzia "Different Seasons"

DA Small Tragoediaz, singles

Demenzia "The Greymen"

Everest "Letters from sound", "Robosapiens"

Rampart "War Behest"

Balkan bandits "Sadness for South"

Radio play "On both sides of the street"

Menstrual Coctail

Grupa X "You win nothing"

LaText: "only" /2 beet, serious /

Impade "Hope Dеnied"

Cirrhosis "Don't Try To Hide"