Be a Pro!

This year Zero Project Studio will focus on excellence. We want to be more- good. Искаме да обръщаме още повече внимание на детайлите. Искаме да забравим думата компромис.

We named the new season "Be a Pro!“, защото ще бъдем непримирими към посредствеността. Ще сме взискателни и ще се стремим към абсолютния максимум на всеки музикален проект, that's get.

In real life we ​​often choose more- lesser evil, to put up with poor quality. Restrictions govern our daily lives.

We do not want and art is. creativity, we think, It should be guided not so much by fences, and on the wings.

Music is a universal language, that will always evolve.

Why do we stand in one place?

Being professionals, to be the- best.