Our 2018th

Bluebeard- marriage without tale

Our intention at the beginning of this year was to emulate the good examples, purposefully look for them.

I think you, that positive energy is privlyakva us multicolour, creative and unconventional people, which spray fetid breath of monotony.

Thanks to the creative energy, which gave us a lot:

- Kosio and dawn with their magic in "Lale“;

- Bendida with beautiful, mythical world „Goddess of the Moon“;

- BoyanZhelyazkov and Asen Marinov with inspired and imnprovizatsii „Songs from the Soul“;

- Tochka BG and their philosophical melancholy in "Fountain in the Rain";

- The A.X.E. Project, all of- intriguing

- Bleak Revelation, ready to crush any restrictions

- The creators of the play "Bluebeard - Marriage without prikzaka ", not turn a blind eye

- The Barbarones, which this year „Sleepwalking“

- "Lost destination"and their faith in the future;

- Krassimir Parvanov, despised trivial and its "Mantra"

- BalkanHead, that every time we find something new;



Bleak Revelation

Bleak Revelation

- Merry Flamburarand - just magic;

- Just in Cage, which remind ourselves why we love rock and roll

- Djankobrat and “Blues Hop”: with them always expect the unexpected

- "The pilots', the word right in the eyes Cumae

Yes! Every day of the year we meet interesting, unusual and exciting people. Life is good...

Just In Cage

Just In Cage

The A.X.E. Project

The A.X.E. Project