“Fountain in the Rain”: Tochka BG

"Fountain in the Rain" The new album Point BG.

The facts of the matter are:

12 compositions
Plamen Sivov (guitar, vocals),
Krasimir Parvanov (guitar, vocals),
Todor Yankulov (vocals)
Zornitsa Popova (vocals)

Except them, contribution to the sound of the album, have: Boris taslim (contrabass), Vanco Poromansky (percussion), Tsvetina Panajotova (violin), Ivo Alexandrov (cello), Michael Iosifov (trumpet) and
Lubo Tsanev (piano)

You can find out how to purchase the album from the following link. The same will hear short snippets of songs.

Beyond factual we want to say a few more things. We feel this album very personal. Perhaps this is due to our longstanding work with "points", as we used to call them among themselves. And maybe- melancholic sound of these 12 Songs were close to our mood during long winter. It thinks the album title is in line with the overall picture, he painted. By- lyrical and- sentimental, but ultimately more- philosophical. Because in TochkaBG is a grave mistake to divide the music from the text and think them as separate concepts. Journey in myself, what is this album, retell a stanza of the title "Fountain in the Rain":

A fountain in the rain is shameless,
a fountain in the rain is a scandal ...
Once you with water are made,
not terrible and urban mud.

in August 2015


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